Events and contents of ancient Olympia

Major competitions of the modern Olympics

Events and content of the ancient Olympics

 Events and contents of ancient Olympia

I will explain in detail the events and contents of the ancient Olympics.


Like modern boxingClass systemandThere is no scoring ,
Also, because the time was unlimited,
It is said that it was not uncommon for players to die during a match.

2.Chariot race

It was a race that was held on a tank called a chariot pulled by a horse.
However, this competition was also a dangerous sport that could seriously injure athletes and horses.


This is the fifth competition of the ancient Olympics.
This competition is sprinting , skipping rope , discus , javelin throw , wrestling fifth event competition so, Among them, it was said that the winner would win the third or more events.


It's a mixture of standing and martial arts, close to modern mixed martial arts .
Anything other than blinding and biting, continue until the other person gives up
It is a competition called. Therefore, it was said to be the most dangerous ancient Olympic Games.


It has been held since the 1st Ancient Olympic Games.
It started the Stadion run and was held from the 14th tournament in 724 BC.
It is a middle-distance run of about 400m.
"Diaulos Race" And from the 15th tournament, a long-distance run "Dorikosu Race" that makes 10 round trips over 192m It was done.


Wrestling was very popular at the ancient Olympics.
And originally, it was carried out as a competition included in pentathlon.
However, from the ancient Olympic Games held in 668 BC, it is said that it has been implemented as a individual event .

Main events of the modern Olympics

Main events of the modern Olympics

The modern Olympics can only be an Olympic event if the competition is held on four continents and in more than 75 countries.
Here are some of the lesser-known official events.

1. Equestrian

It is the only competition that uses animals in the Olympic Games.
One of the features is that there is no gender difference between men and women.
Show jumping , Dressage , Eventing Until the 1900 Paris tournament
It was a competition in which only male soldiers participated.

2. Shooting Shooting is shooting with rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. worldwide, and is widely used as a sport or competition, and is one of the events of the Summer Olympic Games.

Shooting type

Pistol shooting

・ Rapid Fire Pistol (Men's Only
・ Free pistol (boys only)
・ Air pistol
・ Sports pistol (women only)

Rifle shooting ・ Small bore rifle (3 postures) ・ Air rifle

Clay pigeon shooting ・trap ・ Skeet ・ Double trap (boys only)

3. Modern pentathlon

The modern pentathlon is the 5th Olympic Games in 1912 with the father of the Olympics. Founded by the so-called Baron Pierre de Coubertin, from the Stockholm Games It is an Olympic competition that is being held.
One player fencing , swimming , equestrian during the day There will be a fifth competition called span>, laser run (shooting, run) .
Then convert the fencing, swimming and equestrian scores into time.
Then, start the laser run with a time lag from the top points.
Shoot with a laser pistol until you hit a target about 6 cm in diameter 5 times from a distance of 10 m.
The first player to score a laser run will be the gold medal.

4. Trampoline

Trampoline is a sport in which a square or round frame is stretched in spring with a fabric that is both good and bad, and then bounces on it. He follows "trampoline" . Trampoline is a competition to fly alone and compete for performance. In the synchronized competition, two people in one group , two trampolines are exchanged, and two people jump to see 10 kinds of arrivals and compete with other groups for performance. It is a picture of Kiyoshi Synchro by swimming. Effective for exercise options and attacks . Myalgia that becomes muscle pain after the trampoline descends. The more you jump, the more you win. Jump down to make a leap. I shoot socks.

5. Taekwondo

Taekwondo has Kyorgi "Kumite" and Pumse "Type" , and Kyorgi will be adopted at the 2020 Games. The match time is 2 minutes x 3 rounds.
The player who gets a lot of points determined by the type of technique with a break time of 1 minute called the interval wins.
Athletes wear electronic headgear on their heads and electronic protectors on their torso to electronically determine attacks.
If you deduct 10 points "Gamchon" with a penalty, you will lose the foul.
The competition area is octagonal, and you will be deducted when you go outside the area.
If the fallen opponent cannot take a fighting pose within the referee's 8 counts , the KO wins.
If there is a tie at the end of the 3rd round, it will be a 1-minute extra time "Golden Round" , and the player who gets 2 points first wins.
Both men and women are divided into 4 classes according to weight.
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